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Virtual Cooking Summer Camp For Kids - 

Learn How You Can Bring An Online Healthy Culinary Camp Program To Your Families

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Limited to the first 20 camp partners! Contact Us Today!

A Virtual Cooking Summer Camp from LIFT Enrichment is designed to get your campers cooking healthy meals, learning about nutrition and having FUN in the comfort of their home. LIFT Enrichment, Inc is based in Los Angeles and serves San Diego, Orange County,
San Mateo County, San Francisco and more areas through the West Coast with a specialty program that empowers kids to cook at home and eat more vegetables.

Our virtual cooking camp is a LIVE and engaging class experience where our Chef Teachers lead a half-day
lesson that incorporates a quick no-cook breakfast, art project, exercise and movement component, virtual tour of a restaurant or farmers market and ends each day with a cook-along to make a healthy lunch!

Our camp is a 3-hour culinary experience Monday-Friday, for a total of 15 hours of educational and fun content for kids. This helps parents keep kids occupied and engaged so they can have a break for work or their own projects. The first ⅔ of the day is designed
to be completely hassle-free for parents, with the last hour reserved for making a healthy lunch with parents in the kitchen.

Bringing in a LIFT Enrichment Virtual Cooking Summer Camp to your program has three key benefits...

#1 - Expands Your Camp Offerings

Parents want options, and a healthy cooking summer camp compliments a program with sports, art, science and more.

#2 - Brings in Revenue For You

Our clients earn money for their organization by accepting registrations from parents and paying a flat-fee to us.

#3: No Risk / No Charge To Try Out: 

This programs costs you NO MONEY at all to try out. Plus there’s no minimum enrollment!

Who This Program Is For:

Private Schools and Parks & Recreation Centers that offer a variety of weeklong camp experiences.

What It Will Do

Bring you money, expand your offerings and introduce health and culinary education to your campers!

Here's how it works.


Pick the dates below that work best for your program.


You advertise to your parents the days, time and camp themes


Parents signup through YOU and after the second day, we have a total enrollment (anywhere from 3-20 kids)


We invoice your organization at a per student rate (contact us for details) and you keep the profit.


When the camp week starts, we log parents on with our virtual LIVE cooking camp and the kids start cooking and learning!

Camp Time:

9:00am-12:00pm, Monday-Friday Weekly

Week 1: Jun 15 - Jun 19:

Mangai italiano!

Week 2 - June 22-26

Food Network Favorites

Week 3 - Jun 29 - Jul 3

American Classics

Week 4 - Jul 6 - Jul 10

Cooking Around The World

Week 5 - Jul 13-Jul 17

Mexican Fiesta!

Week 6: Jul 20 - Jul 24

Mangia Italiano!

Week 7: Jul 27 - Jul 31

Food Network Favorites

Week 8: Aug 3- Aug 7  

American Classics

Week 9: Aug 10 - Aug 14

Cooking Around The World

Daily Schedule

8:40am - Check-in

9:00am - Camp Game & Quick No-Cook Breakfast

Our Chef Teachers showcase a speedy meal that requires no cooking so we can begin with a healthy bite and quick demo (see below for examples)

9:30am - Art Project

Campers will engage in a fun, personalized art project, such as designing a lunch menu with markers and paper or creating a layout of their dream restaurant.

10:00am - Virtual Tour / Health Educaiton

We take kids into a restaurant, grocery store, farmer’s market and more with a virtual tour followed by discussions about sustainability, culinary careers and more

10:30am - Exercise & Movement

Halfway through the day we take a break to shake, move, play “Chef Says” and get your kids moving and releasing energy

11:00am - Live Cook Along Healthy Lunch

Chefs will engage kids in a presentation and discussion on important health topics like good vs bad carbs, healthy fats, the truth behind gluten and more!

11:45am - Review, Conclude and Get Excited for Tomorrow

​The day ends with a live cook-along with our Chef teacher making a healthy lunch. Kids can cook live (alongside a parent) OR kick back and enjoy the show so they can cook later that day.

12:00pm - Camp Ends

Our Number 1 Goal: 

Get your campers to cook healthy meals for your family at home!


Camper Details

  • Ages 6-11
  • Max 20 kids per virtual camp room (2 counselors per group)

How Does The Cooking Work Virtually?

  • There are two portions of cooking with our Chef

Quick Breakfast: 

Parents will get an exact list of common household ingredients (oats, nuts, bread) and fresh ingredients (vegetables, fruit, yogurt, etc.) to make an EASY breakfast that requires no cooking, just assembling and putting simple ingredients together.


Yogurt Parfait with Granola, Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats, Quinoa & Blueberries Cereal, etc. Parents just get the ingredients ready, a placemat and let our Chefs do the rest!

Cook-Along Healthy Lunch:  

Parents can cook ALONGSIDE their kids at 11:00am (after all, it’s almost lunch time!) OR kids can simply watch and engage with the live lessons. We’ve taught dozens of virtual cooking classes this way, and kids benefit if they make the lunch, or just hang out with the group and watch how food is made, like a live cooking show.  

Recipe Examples:  

Healthy Mac & Cheese, Grilled Cheese with Broccoli Slaw, Sushi Handrolls, Lean Burgers, Chicken Salad Wraps, Orange Chicken with Rice, etc.

About The Themes

Cooking Around The World

Come join our culinary classroom where young chefs will learn to cook and expand their palates! Our chefs make cooking exciting while integrating academic components such as math, science, history, food safety and nutrition into each lesson.


Pasta Primavera and Caesar Salad from Italy, Ratatouille
& Quick Chocolate Mousse from France, Orange Chicken and Spring Rolls from Asia, Veggie Quesadillas from Mexico, and more!

American Favorites

In this fun, interactive cooking camp, campers will learn to make delicious recipes from all around our very own country. Students will chop vegetables and turn raw ingredients into delicious dishes, while learning about history, science, culture and nutrition. This session, our Chef Teachers will take
kids on a culinary journey through fan-favorites and new twists on classics.


Veggie Mac and Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Grilled
Cheese with Broccoli Slaw, English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich and Fruit Salad, Cobb Salad, Chocolate Pancakes with Whipped Cream, Hot Fudge Sundae

Food Network Favorites

Learn to make delicious and healthy food by your favorite celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay in this fun, interactive cooking class! We’ll make 15 delicious recipes each week such as Pasta Caprese, Kale Salad or Chicken Tacos.

Students will develop their culinary skills and learn about nutrition, culture and even dining etiquette so they can cook at home and expand their palates.


Pasta Caprese, Kale Salad with Croutons, Corn
& Zucchini Pancakes, Chicken Tacos, Eggplant Bruschetta, Healthy Rice Krispy Treats, Rainbow Wraps with Beets & Feta Cheese Dressing, Cauliflower Gratin, Veggie Sliders 

American Classics

In this fun, interactive cooking class, kids will learn to make delicious recipes from all around our very own country. Students will chop vegetables and turn raw ingredients into delicious dishes, while learning about history, science, culture and nutrition. This session, our Chef Teachers will take kids on a culinary journey through fan-favorites and new twists on classics. Check out our menu below.


Veggie Mac and Cheese, Cobb Salad, Chocolate Pancakes with Whipped Cream, Turkey Sliders, Sautéed Kale Bruschetta, Grilled Cheese with Broccoli Slaw, All-American Breakfast, Hot Fudge Sundae, Cauliflower Rice with Veggies,

Meet Our Staff

Our chef teachers are energetic and experienced culinary instructors with a passion for helping kids improve their health. Each brings their own unique style to our culinary camp to keep kids engaged and entertained!

Chef jennifer

chef santiago

chef yvette

kayla, camp director

Chef Eric, owner


Check what our clients say about us

“Thank you so much! It’s always great having you at (our) camp. You are great with the kids and put on a really fun show for the parents.

(It’s) a wonderful thing to be
able to teach kids to eat healthy, use kitchen equipment safely, and try new things."

Gricelda Gamboa

Director of Enrichment, Village School

“We've had the Cooking class as a part of our enrichment program at Seven Arrows for several years and it's always a hit with our families. Students enjoy working with their hands and tasting the results of their work; everyone, parents and students, get a delicious,
healthy snack!”

Sonja Carlson

After-school Coordinator, Seven Arrows Elementary Schoo

“Every session
we have offered cooking through LIFT Enrichment, we have reached maximum enrollment. The kids really enjoy the recipes and working with the chef instructors. It has been a great partnership!”

Whitney Stange

After School Enrichment Coordinator, Laurence School


Is there a minimum or maximum to the number of signups?

No! That’s the beauty of a virtual summer camp.

If enrollment exceeds 30 screens (remember, each screen can have anywhere from 1-3 kids in it depending on the household), we will open up another Zoom video classroom with 2 Chef Teachers engaging in the same curriculum. If you have 3 kids enrolled, then all 3 get to experience our camp. This works the same if you have 20 kids enrolled.

Can I have my own private summer camp for just my campers?

No, this is a group experience where your campers will be other campers from other locations. That’s the magic of a virtual camp! Kids can meet other kids from other places, all with a passion for cooking. The only exception is if you have 20 registrations from your school alone.

What is your refund policy? When is the last day for registrations?

We will need final enrollment numbers 2 business days before the week starts, which would be the Thursday before camp starts by 9:00am. We need to plan accordingly. Once the class starts on Monay, there won’t be refunds.

How does payment work?

We accept credit card payment before the camp week begins. If you have a large payment, or can only pay by check, let us know, but this is only for invoices over $2,000.

 How do I get started?

Contact us with the form below to speak to our Director! During that call we will go over all of the details of the camp.

How many weeks of camp should I offer?

We recommend 2-3 different weeks and be sure to choose different themes. Example offer one week of Food Network Favorites and another of Cooking Around The World. However, you must follow our dates.

What’s a virtual cooking class like?

Our current virtual after-school cooking classes have sold out with 25+ students enrolled in each 1-hour class. 

Deadline To Signup: 

We are accepting camp partners by May 22nd. You must fill out our form below to secure a spot!

This is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’re limiting this to the first 20 camp partners because this is our first summer and we want to service a small group of vendors.

Contact our camp director today.