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Register for Spring-After School programs

Spring after school programs are now LIVE! Sign up today for enrichment, or CLICK HERE to see more information on program descriptions

Empower your students to learn cooking, eat in a healthy way and build a lifelong skill.

Do your students know how to cook healthy meals at home?  

With over 40% of US adults suffering from obesity, it's more important now than ever to educate students on health, nutrition and culinary fundamentals. 

Since 2010, LIFT Enrichment has helped over 20,000 students learn to cook in a fun and engaging way at over 160+ schools.  

SPRING 2022 Classes will be available to signup at your school on Friday 4/15/22 at the link below

Questions?  Call 310 890 8704 or email info@liftenrichment.com


why work with us?

Why We're The Best At Culinary Education For Students 

2,000+ students taught cooking each week

160+ schools and district partners

Unique focus on healthy eating and culinary fundamentals


“LIFT Enrichment’s Culinary Workshops have been a great experience.  The students are getting an introduction to eating healthy foods with hands on experiences.  (This) real world experience is the key to the development of each student."

Susan Shaw, Teacher Specialist, Pomona Unified School District

“The culinary workshops for our ASES program were fantastic!  Kids tried new foods and embraced them! They are more engaged with their families at the grocery store and help out in the kitchen at home.  The kids can’t wait for the new set of recipes each school year!"

Adria Jefferson, Business Manager, Keiller Leadership Academy

What Makes Us Unique

  1. Cooking That’s Fun:  A classroom experience with Chef Teachers that are professional, background checked and engaging with great class management.
  2. Cooking That’s Healthy:  Curriculum that focuses on nutrition, simple ingredients and popular recipes that students enjoy.
  3. Cooking That’s Educational:  We go beyond the food and teach culture, lifeskills, science and culinary fundamentals that students will use for life

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Ready to get your students learning to cook with zucchini, spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes and more?