May 8

5 Tips on How to STOP Kids from Eating Too Much

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Here are my 5 tips on how to STOP kids from eating too much

  1. Volume Based Eating.  Instead of serving high-calorie foods, aim for foods that have a lot of volume without a lot of calories.  For kids, serve a healthy pizza with a thin crust and low-fat cheese instead of a regular slice.  You can eat French toast made with egg whites, sugar-free sweetener and protein powder instead of regular French toast that’s loaded with butter, whole milk, white sugar and eggs.  
  1. Plate Control!  Aim to have each plate your serve your kid have ½ lean protein like chicken breast or 96/4 ground beef patties, ¼ carb of choice like rice or roasted potatoes and ¼ cup fiber-filled veggies like a salad, cabbage slaw, sauteed asparagus or roasted broccoli
  1. Don’t leave FOOD out on the table.  Ignore the advice to serve food “family style” because it encourages over eating.  Ever been to a chinese restaurant and ate too much?  You get my point.
  1. Hydration!  Encourage your kids to only drink water at the dinner table, and lead by example.  2 glasses of water per meal before dessert or a second portion should help kids feel more full.
  1. Avoid “healthy” foods that are loaded with calories.  Peanut butter has healthy fats, but it’s loaded with fat.  (try out Pb powder instead!).  Guacamole is in the same boat, so sub it for hummus with a bit of blended avocado.  

Watch the video for more tips!

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Eric Horwitz, Ceo of Lift

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