November 6

How to Prep LUNCH for the entire week (because we’re all still stuck at home)

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As we head into month 6 (or is it 7?) of lockdown with most people working from home, LUNCH should not be something that takes up much of your precious energy and brain power. 

For me:  I’m just feeding myself each day, but I want it to be

  • Healthy
  • Quick
  • HOT
  • Not a lot of cleanup.

The tips below apply even if you’re feeding a family of four.  The key?  Prep accordingly.  Here’s my lunchtime breakdown so I’ve got TWO different dishes so that I don’t get bored (and I get that way…easily)

First:  I make two proteins:  The easiest ones?

  • Falafel (link to recipe) (blog)
  • Chicken

Then I serve it two ways:

  • Pita Sandwich
  • Salad with Croutons

Advanced Move:

  • Have two sauces ready to go like tzatziki or a salad vinaigrette (link – healthy salad

Monday:  It’s 1:00pm and I need food!  I’ve probably finished a marketing project and so I head to the kitchen.  My 12” frying pan is on the stove, pretty much always, as I never put it away.  I put 3 falafels on it on low heat and 1 pita bread.  As it gently reheats, I pull out containers with chopped tomato, onion and lettuce and my premade tzatziki.  In about 5 minutes, the falafels are warm (be sure to flip them) and I cut the pita in half and fill each half with tzatziki, falafels and sliced veggies.  Serve that with a glass of water, and maybe some cut up fruit and I am good to go!

Tuesday:  This is my “content creation” day and I’ve spent the morning going on a 6 mile jog and writing newsletters/blog posts like this one.  For today?  It’s salad time.

I cut up some bread and put it in a pan over medium heat with olive oil to make some croutons.  As they crisp up, my fridge has chopped lettuce and other veggies from the falafel.  I make a quick vinaigrette by putting balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and honey and a bit of Dijon in a jar and shake it up.  In about 6 minutes, the croutons are done and I make a salad with some pre cooked chicken, croutons and dressing

Wednesday:  See Monday

Thursday:  See Tuesday

Friday:   Use up my leftovers and eat it again…I’m definitely going to treat myself over the weekend because I cooked healthy foods the rest of the week!

I hope these tips helped and you use them!

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