November 25

Ignore the ‘impossible” sandwich and eat this instead

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I’m not the biggest fan of the “impossible” meat that has swept the nation.  If people are eating more greens and less meat, I’m cool with that, but what exactly goes into that “impossible” meat so that they can be cooked, frozen and sold to fast-food restaurants?

The other day I got inspired on a vegetarian sandwich with a flavor combination was so good that I suggest ALL parents try this with their kids to get them to eat more veggies and natural foods. 

Yesterday, (Sunday) was when I prepare for the week ahead, because an hour or two can set the whole week up for success.

In fact, I documented it on LIFT Enrichment’s Instagram story (I’m not that good at stories, but I share a key tip I use to make my week go smoothly) 

I was in Beverly Hills to meet with my hair stylist, who I’ve been going to for over 8 years and is incredible.  

Then, I went to Blue Bottle Coffee coffee, got my usual pour over dark roast coffee and then this SANDWICH caught my eye.

Next to their French-style ham-and-cheese on baguette with butter (yum!) was

“Sweet Potato Sandwich with Feta”

In front of me was a beautiful sandwich on a fresh baguette (the small kind, for a single sandwich) with a nice piece of roasted sweet potato in the center.  Surrounding it was Feta cheese, arugula and pickled red onions, which add a bit of acidity and complexity to the dish.

Naturally, I had to try it.

I even talked to the sandwich maker to see his process and figure out alternatives.

(Vegans: You can sub out the feta for hummus)

It’s funny because I had NEVER thought of putting a piece of roasted sweet potato between bread if I was craving a lighter lunch, without meat.  

(Don’t get me wrong, I love meat and will buy a giant turkey and prime rib later tonight for Thanksgiving)

The sandwich was …so nice.  The baguette added a bit of chew to compliment the tang of the feta and onions, while the sweet potato had a hint of natural sweetness.  I didn’t even miss not having a slice of turkey in the middle.

I’ll write up the recipe after I try it on my own, but the next time you have trouble getting your kids to eat sweet potato, try putting it between a bit of bread with a fresh spread.

Sweet potatoes are LOADED with vitamins such as:

  • Vitamin A, for your eyes
  • Antioxidants to help protect against cancer and maintain healthy blood pressure
  • Choline, which helps with sleep and reduces inflammation
  • Vitamin E, which supports eye health
  • Plus they’ve got small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, folat and zinc.

They have a laundry list of good things, PLUS they are filling and low-calorie.

Do your kids eat sweet potatoes?

Have you ever put a sweet potato in a sandwich and your kid liked it?

Getting kids to eat good, wholesome foods is NOT EASY.

But, I’ve got you covered.

See, I’ve spent 10 years getting kids to learn culinary skills, try new foods and bond with their parents in the kitchen.

And I’ve boiled everything I’ve learned into the Kids Can Cook Master Class 

That course, loaded with 12+ hours of content, 24+ modules that cover everything from key equipment, getting kids involved at the grocery store, how to chop veggies with them safely and even get them to cleanup, will be released December 12th 

But, for fast-acting parents, I’m launching the Pre-sale at 50% off!  Of course, that goes away as we get closer to the launch date.

Yes, I want to transform the health of my kids with the Kids Can Cook Master Class 

I’ll see you there.

And in the meantime

Eat more sweet potatoes 🙂



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Eric Horwitz, Ceo of Lift

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