August 28

My Favorite Cooking Videos I’m Watching

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I spend a LOT of time on youtube… and here are my favorite finds to share.
I have a Youtube channel that I definitely need to update more.
But here are some fun videos from people I watch that I think you will enjoy if you are a curious cook at home like me.

  1.  French Toast Pizza by Internet Shaquille

This video is by a young guy in Texas who brings a sense of humor to all of his videos.  I love his rants on prepacked smoothie companies and I’ve definitely learned some offbeat culinary tricks.  In this recipe, he shows how you can use take the leftover pizza and use a French-toast style of cooking to bring it back to life with a crispy crust and lots of flavors.  It’s delicious and I recommend you check it out!

  1. Crab Cakes by Joshua Wiseman

I am guilty of hopping on Youtube BEFORE I start my workday, and Joshua usually comes to the top for some reason.  In this series, he makes a more economical version of favorite dishes, and here he makes crab cakes.  I haven’t had crab cakes in a while, but I WILL definitely make this version when I’m back home because a crab cake done right is a crispy, creamy and flavorful work of art.  Check out my “Instagram” for when I drop the recipe

  1. Breakfast Quesadilla by J Kenji Alt Lopez

I’ve watched J Kenji’s channel explode over the last year.  He rarely put out videos, but then he got REALLY into posting during the pandemic.  He has a lot of knowledge that he shares freely in his videos.  I’m especially a fan of his “first-person” videos because he makes everything look DOABLE.  I’ve made, my own healthier version of his breakfast quesadilla, but here’s his original recipe.  It’s quick, easy and delicious

Ok… enough videos… it’s time to get back to work 

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