April 17

My weekend routine to support restaurants

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Hi parents,

I’m taking a minute to go a bit into my personal life and I’d like to share with you my FAVORITE way to spend a weekend day during this quarantine.

I cook at home A LOT, but it’s fun to take a break on the weekend.

Typically, on Saturdays my fiance Elizabeth, Emmet our dog and myself will go for a long walk.

(Fun fact:  Did you notice all of our names start with the letter “E”?)

We bring our mask and gloves and head from our home in West Los Angeles to our favorite new bakery.

Located on Santa Monica blvd, it’s called “Amandine” and has the most amazing pastries I’ve ever had, including:

Coffee Macaroons, which are slightly crispy on the outside and light and creamy in the center.

Strawberry Nutella Croissant, which is a freshly made and very buttery croissant with …you guessed it…nutella and bright strawberries inside

With a coffee in hand, it’s heaven.  It also feels nice to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

It’s the little things that bring about a sense of normalcy.

Other times we’ll go out for lunch.

This could be a burrito from Taco Plus, a fantastic local Mexican spot

Or the most amazing ramen ever from “Killer Noodle” located on the area of Sawtelle Blvd that specializes in Japanese cuisine.

Other times it’s tuna wrap from a local cafe.

With food in hand, we stroll back home and talk about our week.  

Finally, we sit outside and enjoy the food!

It feels good to treat ourselves, in this little way, and support local restaurants.  I really do feel for them, as their businesses have lost a lot of revenue because of the quarantine.

My business mentor owns 4 restaurants (TLT in Westwood and Irvine (delicious and fresh California-with-a-twist tacos) The Lime Truck AND Hatch, a japanese restaurant in downtown LA) and it’s been challenging for him. 

However, he pushes through, gets creative and moves forward until we’re out of this mess.

Which will happen…maybe in the next month or two…or a full year when this is all behind us.

Until then, enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk and grab some lunch at a local spot.

I know you’ll enjoy it.

What’s your favorite routine on the weekend?  I’m curious

Reply back!

Get Cooking,
Chef Eric

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