August 11

Question for YOU (I need help hosting!)

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Last week, I was prepping to host my monthly Poker night and I was debating what to serve.This is a guys-only event, typically the last Friday of the month, and is invitation only.

Suffice to say, I go a LITTLE over the top for hosting these events (or any for that matter) because I’m a chef, I love to entertain and make sure people enjoy themselves.

The question I have for all of you, and I am genuinely curious, is what are some good ideas of dishes to serve for these types of events?

Here’s What I Did
First off, go to my Instagram page (LIFT Enrichment) to see the star of the show (that all my friends REALLY liked) 

Crispy Chicken Milanese Nuggets!  

I breaded 3 lb of chicken breast and flavored the bread crumbs with fresh Italian parsley and grated Parmesan.  Next, I fried them in a bit of vegetable oil.

Alongside the nuggets, I made a healthier version of Ranch dressing (homemade of course) alongside fresh veggies like carrots, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and sliced cucumbers.

What Carb to serve?
I served it with pizza from a local spot, which was tasty, but I felt like it didn’t go with my theme.  With everything else homemade and fresh, why order delivery?

I had some ideas for next time, like making bruschetta…or homemade pizza.

What would you serve as a good carb/snack-like appetizer alongside chicken nuggets and veggies?

Reply back because I need some inspiration!

P.S.  I did not win that night! My buddy Vlad cleared us out  It was a small pot, but when you win it…you feel like a champion for the whole weekend.

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Eric Horwitz

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Eric founded LIFT Enrichment in 2010 because he wanted to help young kids develop their culinary skills so they could make healthy foods for friends and family for the rest of their lives.  He has worked with kids for over 15 years and enjoys their energy and enthusiasm for learning new things.  Eric studied abroad in Italy while at UCLA and discovered a passion for cooking.  

Eric Horwitz, Ceo of Lift

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