November 30

Rattlesnake Bot: A simulated snake with a fierce bite!

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Challenge Level: 4 out of 5
Build Challenge:  4/5
Programming Challenge: 5/5

For students who want a challenge, The Rattlesnake Bot features a complex build and program to take their robotics skills to the next level.


How does it work?

This bot uses two motors to simulate two key aspects of a rattlesnake.


One motor is attached to a beam and stoppers to simulate a rattling sound the snake would make to warn a predator from getting to close.

The other motor is paired with an ultrasonic sensor that shoots out an invisible beam as it waits for an enemy to cross its path.  If something walks in front of the sensor, the motor propels the mouth forward in a “biting” motion, then recoils back into place.

Scientific Concepts We Teach

This lesson focuses on two key elements:
Ultrasonic technology to teach how students how infrared beams work with a sensor
Recoil and how a real-life snake uses a fast, snapping bite to attack its prey.


Lesson Plan

The first 3 lessons are devoted to building the Rattlesnake Bot starting with the base, adding the neck and finishing with the jaws.  The next class is devoted to programming, which is significantly more complex than our typical programs.


Once completed, the Rattlesnake Bot is a fun bot to play with because of its unique attack feature paired with a rattling tail.  It truly mimics a rattlesnake, but in a robotic form.

If you’re ready to have your child take a “bite” out of this cool robot and its advanced features, join us in our after-school class or Camps

Our Lego Robotics Camp features the Rattlesnake bot and 30+ other bots!  Treat your kids to a fun day of camp here


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