April 17

Video: 3 Things Families Need in case of an emergency (and 1 weird one)

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I made this video for FAMILIES so we can all stock up on the essentials.

Most people get the first two things right, but are missing on the third.

Check out the video (it’s 2 minutes long) and stock on the things your family needs.

=>  Video:  3 Things families need in case of an emergency

Btw, the (1 weird one) is just me being silly.

But a LOT of people (my dad included) have bought that one item for $10… because it makes life better.

I’m even using it right now, as a I write this email.

=>  Video:  3 Things families need in case of an emergency

Enjoy the video!

Reply back:  Do you like this type of content?  What are you concerned about, as a family, during this pandemic?

Get Cooking,
Chef Eric

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