Learn To Cook Healthy Mexican Foods this Spring!

Have Your Kids Gain Culinary Skills For Life!

Spring 2020: Mexican Fiesta

Our Chef Teachers will teach your kids to cook delicious Mexican and South American cuisine in this fun, hands-on cooking class. 

Go on a culinary journey through Latin America while combining food, culture and science in each lesson

Join our class TODAY because we only accept the first 16 students that signup.   

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Learn to make healthy versions of your favorite Mexican and South American dishes such as...

  •  Peruvian Quinoa Salad 
  • Crunchy Turkey Tacos
  • Homemade Tortillas
  • Nachos Especiales
  • Tex-Mex Salad
  • Pollo Asado Fajitas
  • Argentinian Pancakes with Caramel and Strawberries,
  • Veggie Quesadillas with Mango Salsa
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Guacamole and more!

    Our mission is to inspire your kids to eat vegetables in new ways, learn culinary fundamentals and make cooking a fun and engaging experience.

    Students from our class gain confidence in the kitchen and these recipes are so easy you can bond with your kids by cooking at home. 

Plus, on the last day of class, parents are invited to our Kid Restaurant, where the parents can see what their kids learned during the session. Get hungry to learn the art of cooking!

Join our after-school cooking class where your child can explore new healthy cuisines. Each day students will cook with vegetables, learn new skills and have fun.

Expand Your Palate!

Cook Like A Chef!

Explore New Cultures!

Who we are - LIFT Enrichment

"LIFT" Enrichment (“Learning Is Fun Time”) is Los Angeles’ leading provider of culinary education programs and partners with 160 Elementary Schools, 30 School Districts and Whole Foods..  We help kids learn to eat their vegetables through fun, hands-on cooking classes.  We're making pasta, soups, salads, appetizers, veggie sides, desserts and much more.  Plus each class include Common Core aligned with history, science, math and culture.


“Jacob absolutely adored Cooking!   Every Wednesday he brings me some of what he's made to try and he's SO PROUD. Plus it has totally opened up a whole new world of food for him!  



“Every session we have offered cooking through LIFT Enrichment, we have reached maximum enrollment.  The kids really enjoy the recipes and working with the chef instructors.  It has been a great partnership!”

Whitney Stange

After School Enrichment Coordinator, Laurence School

Testimonials -  From Schools

“Thank you so much! It’s always great having you at (our) school.  You are great with the kids and put on a really fun show for the parents.  (It’s) a wonderful thing to be able to teach kids to eat healthy, use kitchen equipment safely, and try new things.”
- Gricelda Gamboa, Director of Enrichment, Village School

“We've had the Cooking class as a part of our enrichment program at Seven Arrows for several years and it's always a hit with our families. Students enjoy working with their hands and tasting the results of their work; everyone, parents and students, get a delicious, healthy snack!- Sonja Carlson, After-school Coordinator, Seven Arrows Elementary School

The kids at Children’s Community School enjoyed the cooking class and looked forward to it each week. They liked the process of making the food and loved eating it afterwards.”
- George Nersisyan, After-School Enrichment Director, Children’s Community School

“Everything was great.  We look forward to working with your Cooking class each year!”
- Layne Pflierger, After-School Director, John Thomas Dye School 

Testimonials - From Parents

“My son was very proud to share with me the cooking techniques he learned and looked forward to recreating the recipes at home.    
– Diane, parent

“My daughter loved it and could not wait to try something new each week.  She would call me at work as soon as she got home to tell me what she made (in class) and could not wait for me to try it.  She had already made out a shopping list so that she could try making it for the family at home.  I think this class is a great opportunity for the kids to try something new and to learn cooking skills!”  
- Thea, parent,

“Hailey loves your class so much and we are so grateful. One of her chores is to make Tomato and Basil Bruschetta before dinner at least once a week. It's better than any restaurant we've been to. We've also learned about a number of Italian cities, including Genova, Rome, and Parma. Anyway, she has grown a bunch in your class. Thank you so much.”
- Bob, parent

“Thank you for the love and care that you are putting into your cooking.  Niki absolutely loves your class and always looks forward to cooking on Tuesdays.”
- Navid, parent

“My son Otto enjoyed your class very much and loved every dish. He even enjoyed the food prep and cooking process. Thanks!”
- Jessie, mother

“(My son) had a great time and was very proud of the food they made and fun facts he learned. It was all delicious.”
 - Lori, parent

Your classes changed our girl’s life. She cooks more at home. We love all your cooking and recipes. Thank you. We hope to have you in the fall. We will sign up for every single class you have.”  
- Joanne, parent

“The class has been incredibly influential with eating habits at home and it has also provided a focus for my daughter. She has embraced a new confidence which will surely be a big part of her life in future growth. Thank you for offering the class.”
- Omar, parent

My daughter is really enjoying the cooking class!”
- Heike, parent

“My son loved his experience at (Cooking) Camp.  He was excited about cooking his delicious lunch. The counselors did a great job with the kids - each day was fun and filled with learning”
.- Courtney parent


How is food safety factored into the class experience?

All cold items are transferred to the school using an insulated bag with an ice pack.  This commute is typically 1-3 hours to keep the ingredients at an optimal temperature.  90% of our recipes are vegetarian, so when we do bring in a healthy protein such as lean chicken breast or beef, it's transported with extra care.  Also, we train our Chef Teachers on safe food handling so they know how to cook all foods to correct levels for consumption.

How do you effectively manage a group of students in elementary school that vary in age?

Another core part of our orientation is classroom management.  We use call and response techniques to get the attention of the kids and focus on an orderly progression for each recipe.  Students clean their hands frequently and help cleanup all utensils, bowls and cutting boards routinely.  

Where do you source your ingredients?

All recipes feature fresh ingredients purchased from local groceries.  Check out our recipes to see that most of our ingredients consist of produce such as zucchini, garlic, onion, bell peppers and much more.  

What do you teach during class?

Each class focuses on a healthy ingredient to cook into a tasty dish.  During class students will learn about nutrition, culture and even dining etiquette.  


Nor Cal: (408) 898-2645

So Cal: (310) 890-8704