About LIFT Enrichment

Who We Are

LIFT Enrichment Inc, partners with schools, districts and parks and recreation programs to inspire students to cook at home and eat more vegetables.  Founded in 2010, by Chef Eric Horwitz, our team of passionate Chef Teachers instruct 2,000+ a week at our 160+ schools and partners. We aim to create a class experience that is engaging, educational, and most of all, fun!  In each lesson, students make a healthy dish from scratch while learning about nutrition, culture and culinary fundamentals.  

Our Mission:  To inspire kids to cook at home and eat more vegetables

Our Vision:  To transform the lives of one million students by 2029.  We will accomplish this through culinary education taught at 20 locations nationwide.

Our Services:  

After-School Enrichment: In-person and interactive 1-hour lessons taught at schools by our passionate and professional team of Chef Teachers.  This service is typically parent-funded and takes place at public, charter or private elementary & middle schools.

Example Clients:  Village School, Circle View Elementary and St Monica Elementary


“(My daughter) loves the cooking class and the recipes she’s been making are so great. I feel much more confident letting her take the lead making things in the kitchen now that she’s gotten some education, and she’s more motivated when it comes to helping!” 

Jennifer, parent Davis magnet

Workshops:  These are large classes taught to up to 28 students at a time and are perfect as a special event or series of lessons for students.  This service is typically grant or school-funded.

Example Clients:  Pomona Unified School District, Keiller Leadership Academy, Bellflower Unified School District

Testimonial:  “The culinary workshops for our ASES program were fantastic!  Kids tried new foods and embraced them! They are more engaged with their families at the grocery store and help out in the kitchen at home.  The kids can’t wait for the new set of recipes each shool year!/”

Adria Jefferson, Business Manager, Keiller Leadership Academy

Professional Development:  We partner with other enrichment providers that offer a suite of activities, but are lacking a strong culinary program taught by their staff.  With professional development, our partners learn the ins-and-outs of an effective cooking class they can teach year round at their sites

Example Clients:  Woodcraft Rangers, Pomona Unified School District

Testimonial:"The staff that attended the training in December began implementing those recipes back in mid-January!    They enjoying the training and learning the best practices to implement in their cooking clubs. Thanks for supporting our cooking staff." - Herbert Bolanos, Education Specialist, Woodcraft Rangers

Summer Camps:  Summer is a great opportunity for a half or full day week-long culinary camp!  Our program provides a deep-dive into making a variety of recipes with fun themes like “Food Network Favorites” or “Cooking Around The World” with a healthy focus.  These are typically taught at Parks & Recreation Centers

Example Clients:  Yorba Linda Parks & Recreation, YMCA of Torrance, City of Brea Parks & Rec

Testimonial:   “Thank you so much! It’s always great having you at (our) camp. You are great with the kids and put on a really fun Kid Restaurant experience for the parents on the last day.  (It’s) a wonderful thing to be able to teach kids to eat healthy, use kitchen equipment safely, and try new things.”

 Gricelda Gamboa, Director of Enrichment, Village School

Virtual After-School Classes:  We bring our Chef Teachers into the comfort of our clients’ homes through a fun and interactive cooking experience where kids and parents can cookalong with a LIVE class.  Plus, families can immediately eat what they made and bond together in the kitchen.

Example Clients:  Parents!

“The cooking class has been incredibly influential with eating habits at home and it has also provided a focus for my daughter. She has embraced a new confidence which will surely be a big part of her life in future growth. Thank you for offering the class.” 

- Omar, parent