For us, the classroom environment is a special place to bond and connect with our students.  Showing respect for our teachers, students, partners and internal team is a key ingredient to our work.  We also respect food and put love and attention into making each recipe the best it can be.


Each partnership between our parents, students, staff and school clients strives for a win for all.  Anything less, and we don’t move forward. We believe in the education and culinary industry that each transaction should be a win for everyone involve.d


In the culinary classroom, our Chef Teachers always make sure the lesson gets done!  No matter what happens, we always complete what we start, and that message is shared with our students.  Within our business, our staff knows this key element allows us to get past anything in our way, to get the result we aim for.


We have a true passion for bettering our class experience and curriculum continually.  The culinary process is one that is a joy to expand on, and we develop better processes every session.  Even within our internal staff, we promote learning regularly through books, discussions and education conferences to meet the high-expectations of our clients


At the end of the day, we’re teaching cooking to students and we LOVE to bring joy to their lives.  Teaching is a rewarding experience, and we take this value to hear to make sure our work day is equally filled with fun and good times.