The LIFT Enrichment “Recipe” for Success

Our mission is to empower kids for life so they cook healthy meals at home and eat more vegetables.  We see how kids are not learning the basics of cooking like they used to in the past through “home ec.”  Kids are eating out at fast food restaurants and growing up to become adults with no idea how to make a hot, healthy for themselves and their loved ones.

Often kids are picky eaters, who refuse to eat vegetables.  How do you get them to change?  

Here are some key ingredients of a LIFT Enrichment culinary experience

Interactive Teaching:  

Taught by fun and engaging Chef Teachers who know how to get kids inspired to cook.

No Kitchen Required!:  

Our cooking is done safely with electric hot plates in any classroom with a sink to make 

Healthy Focus On Familiar Foods:  

We have amazing recipes that get kids to think of their favorite foods in new ways, often with less fat, less calories and more vegetables! Kid-favorites include Healthy Orange Chicken, Turkey Sliders, Whole wheatGrilled Cheese with Broccoli Slaw, Pasta with Spring Vegetables, Korean Fusion Tacos, Veggie Quesadillas and more!

Curriculum with Fun Themes:  

We have NEW recipes for over 3 years of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sessions without repeating ourselves.  Session theme includes: Italian Classics, Asian Cuisine, Food Network Favorites, Mexican Fiesta and more!

Why Us?

Professional and Punctual Chef Teachers:

Our staff is made of experienced educators with a true passion for helping kids learn to cook in a way that’s fun and safe.

Focus on Health Education:  

While other programs might offer desserts, our unique focus is that we specialize in nutritious food, whether that’s adding vegetable to a kid favorite like Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo with Asparagus, or a dessert with less sugar and fat like chocolate Banana Gluten Free Pancakes.  We also add Nutrition, Culture and Culinary Techniques to each lesson.

Exceptional Service for Parents and Schools:  

If you call, email or ever reach out, we’ll be there for you.  We have staff ready to serve your every need.

Experience Where It Counts:  

No other after-school provider teaches healthy cooking to over 2,000+ kids a week like we do at LIFT Enrichment.  Our clients and parents prove we know how to get kids to expand their palates and learn the basics of cooking.

Safe and Standardized Curriculum:  

We have a proven model that our Chef Teachers follow to ensure classes can be taught in any setting, without the need of a kitchen, so kids can learn the art of healthy eating in a way that is safe and fun.

We Get Results:

Students from our class are 30% more likely to try a vegetable they’ve never had, or cook at home when they never did so before.