March 12

Chef Picks: 3 culinary things I like

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I’ve compiled a few of my recent new favorite items that have benefited my culinary life, and they could help you as well.

You’re a busy parent with a family, and sometimes a little $10 purchase can make all the difference.

You’re running around taking care of grocery shopping, picking up the kids and cooking meals.

What if your kids cooked meals WITH you in the kitchen, and you bonded over it?

The best way to get kids to cook WITH you, is to invest in their culinary education through our healthy cooking classes.

=> Click here to sign up for our “Mexican Fiesta” theme at your school!

Item 1:  Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – $10

I’m a huge Curb Your Enthusiasm fan and in one recent episode Larry “invents” a coffee warmer, that keeps your coffee HOT.

I make my coffee, and then get to work, but sometimes I forget to sip it as I get involved in writing an email like this one.  Then my coffee, which has the freshest beans, perfectly ground and made with love and attention, has gone luke warm!

This $10 purchase fixes all of that.  Now every sip, for a good 20+ minutes after I’m made my coffee, is nicely hot.

The only thing I would do, is look for one without a chord, because my standing desk does not rise with the coffee

Item 2:  Liquid Stevia Extra – $17

I’m cutting down on raw sugar, and Stevia is a natural sweetener from a plant that’s originally from Paraguay.  It’s 0 calorie, but it has a slightly bitter taste.

Still, this has been a LIFE SAVER as I am trying to reduce calories, but still satisfy my sweet tooth.  One quick dessert, that hits the sweet-craving while being low calorie is this:

Recipe:  In a small bowl add ½ cup of non-fat greek yogurt (Fage!), a few drops of Liquid stevia, dash of cinnamon, a bit of vanilla extract and mix well.  On top of a Jello sugar free chocolate packet (60 calories), add the greek yogurt “frosting” and top with a few sprinkles or semi-sweet chocolate chips.  The dessert is less than 100 calories, has good protein and will curb that sweet craving.

Item 3:  Aluminum Sheet Pans of different sizes – $20 (for 2)

I used to have just the large sheet pans for baking and that’s it.  However I bought a few smaller ones, 10” x 6” or 13” x 18” and realized how they make meal prep VERY organized.

Example, with two medium size sheet pans, I can cut up a 3 lb piece of salmon (thanks Costco) into smaller chunks and place them on a long sheet, then season each side with salt and pepper and a bit of oil.  I can then cook them on the pan and have another sheet pan be the “landing zone” as I cook the salmon in batches.

Previously, I used plates, which works, but plates are heavier and take more time to clean.  These sheet pans are light and I’ll wash them a few times throughout the meal prep process.

I get small ones too as well for freshly grated cheese or veggies ready to be sauteed.

It’s the little things that make a big difference!  Plus they are helpful to move items to and from the backyard when bbqing.

Let me know if you liked these “Chef Picks” by replying back with a “yes!” and I’ll know to write more of these.

In the meantime, go signup for a cooking class!  I saw one of our new Chef Teachers teach an excellent class last week in downtown LA last week.

=> Click here to sign up for our “Mexican Fiesta” theme at your school!

Eat Well,
Chef Eric Horwitz
CEO / Head Chef – LIFT Enrichment, Inc.

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Eric Horwitz, Ceo of Lift

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