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We help kids improve their confidence in the kitchen, eat more vegetables and learn about nutrition through fun and engaging cooking classes.    Our classes are taught to 2,000+ kids per week at over 160 schools across California.

Why We're The Best At After-School Cooking 

Trusted Name in Enrichment

We partner with 100+ elementary schools in Los Angeles and teach 1500+ kids a week.   

Partner with Whole Foods

We've taught our Cooking class at 7 Whole Food locations in Los Angeles as part of their Kids Club

Excellent Customer Service

Call or email us any time and you'll enjoy how a small business places YOUR needs first and foremost

Top-Notch Teachers

Our teachers are fantastic educators with a true passion for cooking.  Each is trained by our CEO and have all the tools and skills to lead an effective cooking class with kids.  

Cooking For Kids At An Advanced Level

Most Cooking classes are too simple (i.e. smoothies, salad, etc.) but not with LIFT.  We teach kids how to make Empanadas, Sushi Rolls, Risotto, Kale Bruschetta and much more.

Niche Is Better

Other companies offer a variety plate of classes, but they lack the quality you get from truly  FOCUSED curriculum.  We specialize in just two subjects and thus have become the GO-TO place for Cooking and Robotics for Kids programs.

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