April 14

Kids Can Have Fun Learning To Make Greek Food!

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Homemade Pita Bread.  Beef & Veggie Shish Kabobs.  Greek Salad.  Classic Hummus.

These are the staples of Greek cooking and your child can LEARN to make each dish with me in a live virtual cooking class on zoom April 24, Saturday, from 3pm-5pm.

Imagine how much fun you’ll have working together rolling pita bread from a dough you made from scratch…

Or creating the perfect marinade for pieces of steak…

Or making hummus from scratch!

Greece is a magical place, and I have fond memories of eating the most incredible food in Mykonos with views of the ocean as the sun sets.

I love how the food is so healthy AND flavorful.  Greeks use fresh herbs, spices, vinegar and a lot of aromatics to add depth to each dish without a ton of calories.  There’s very little dairy or butter, just lots of good wholesome ingredients like vegetables, legumes, lean beef, olive oil and seeds.

If you’d like to join this one-of-a-kind culinary lesson, and create a memory bonding in the kitchen.  Sign up here for the Kids Can Cook Inner Circle

Once you join:

As a member you’ll get:

  • Access to our weekly LIVE 60-minute weekly healthy dinner cooking class taught by our awesome Chef Teachers
  • Access to the gourmet dessert lesson: gelato making! (taught by me!)
  • Access to the gourmet dinner class I teach: Greek Beef & Veggie Shish Kabobs, Homemade Pita Bread, Hummus and Salad (also taught by me!)
  • 100+ of our best recipes over the last 10 months
  • Complimentary aprons to wear for kids and parents
  • Video tutorials of all of our recipes

Plus siblings are free, it’s a monthly program with no contract and you have a 30-day money back guarantee!

Join today at www.kidscancookinnercircle.com

And I’ll see you in the Greek gourmet lesson Saturday, April 24 3pm-5pm PST

Get Cooking,
Chef Eric Horwitz

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Eric founded LIFT Enrichment in 2010 because he wanted to help young kids develop their culinary skills so they could make healthy foods for friends and family for the rest of their lives.  He has worked with kids for over 15 years and enjoys their energy and enthusiasm for learning new things.  Eric studied abroad in Italy while at UCLA and discovered a passion for cooking.  

Eric Horwitz, Ceo of Lift

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