March 28

The Problem With Most Summer Camps

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Linda, a mom, has a son named Jimmy who she picked up from 3:00pm after a day of camp.

Jimmy might have one of three reactions when Linda asks about his day.

  • He had a bad time. The counselors weren’t that interested in spending time with him.  The other kids didn’t want to play with him.  He felt lost and alone the entire day.
  • He had an “ok” time. It wasn’t a terrible experience, but it wasn’t that memorable.  He did some art activities and some science projects, only one of which really caught his attention.
  • He had a great time. He made new friends.  Every activity was a blast.  He laughed at the silly antics of the counselors.  The day flew by.

At our Lego Robotics camp, my goal is for each kid to be leave feeling that they had a great day.

What’s needed to get kids to have a great time?

It’s to make sure camp is FUN.

It doesn’t matter if camp is super educational, if it’s not fun.

It doesn’t matter if camp is full of activities and games that keep kids physically fit and healthy, if it’s not fun.

How can a camp ensure that kids have fun?

The key is to make camp personal and kid-focused.  This also means keeping camp at a manageable number, where each kid gets individualized attention.

Children who have the genuine attention and focus of an engaged teacher can thrive.  They can let themselves go and express their true selves.

Lego Robotics requires kids to be focused and present, because if one piece is attached incorrectly, or one element of the programming is off, the robot won’t work.  That’s why we keep our camp at under 20 kids per week, so it doesn’t feel too crowded and everyone can get the support they need.

And most importantly, fun is embedded in every activity

Each day we’ve got brand new robots to build and program.

Each day we’ve got a secret agent storyline that get kids excited to see what happens.

Each day we’ve got a science project in the afternoon to teach kids something new.

Each day we’ve got an outdoor activity so kids can run around and release any extra energy.

Big camps, with a lot of kids can be fun, but kids tend to get lost in the crowd.  These camps play the numbers game and know that some kids who aren’t a good fit will simply stop coming.

Me?  I like things personal.  I like when all the camper knows each other and work as a team.

Different Weeks of Camp Throughout The Summer

I want your kids to come home happy and excited after a day of Lego Robotics Camp.

While every other week of their summer was filled with beach days, vacations, art, play dates and more, their week of Lego Robotics Camp (was filled with science, technology and robotics.

I want them to be thrilled to showcase the robot they built and programmed using a computer.

That’s what Lego Robotics camp is all about.

It’s for that type of child who just loves to try new things and expand his or her mind.

If your kid has that desire for to have fun and expand their understanding of, there’s a spot for him or her at our camp.

==> You can sign up here for Lego Robotics Camp

But as I said earlier, we have limited space so we can keep camp personalized.

Reserve your spot before they are all taken.

Locations:  Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks and Torrance
Dates:  Jul 24-28, Jul 31-Aug 4, Aug 7-11, Aug 14-18
Day/Times:  Monday-Friday 9am-12pm (half day) or 9am-3pm (full day)
Ages: 5-12
Register: Click Here

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