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The Status of Summer Camps Pt 3 (July 2020)

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This is an ongoing series about the status of camps and schools.  Check out the first post in May and the second in June 

Summer camps are open in some counties, and I’ve received interest from parks and recs to move forward with cooking camps where some parents have signed up.

How do you teach cooking with social distancing?

That’s the question running through my mind.  You could have a socially distanced summer camp experience if you had a karate camp and everyone was in their own area.  It also works well with a science camp, where each kid has their own kit full of individual experiments and everyone is 6 feek apart.

But how are you going to have an in-person camp experience where kids are playing a group sport like football or soccer?  

With cooking it generally works like this:  The chef explains the recipe, and then kids work as a team to chop up ingredients, whisk up dressings and then the chef cooks the food in an electric hot plate.  Kids take turns cooking with the chef and then when the dish is done and the chef gives each student a sample.

That doesn’t seem like it would work if everyone is 6 feet apart and no one can share ingredients!

The alternative is if the entire experience is demonstrational and the chef does everything, and then passes out samples…which doesn’t sound like a fun experience for kids.

It doesn’t make sense to combine a cooking camp and social distancing, so for July we’re not offering in-person cooking camps and will instead stick with our awesome virtual cooking camps.

What’s going to happen this Fall at schools?

Here we have another unclear future.

Schools like Curtis announced that there will be virtual learning in the Fall, with 1 day a week for each student on campus.  They also said this is “subject to change” at any given moment.

A 2nd grade school teacher in Ventura County confided in me that they have been told to expect virtual learning from the start of the year until January.

I would say there’s a 90% chance that all classes will be virtual this Fall…and most likely the rest of the year.  There might be 1-2 days a week that a portion of the student population would be on campus.

So what’s a parent to do?

This summer if you’re comfortable with your kids in groups with others, then definitely go for an in-person camp, as long as it has a SMALL groups of kids (10-12 max in 1 room/area) 

…but I’m a bigger fan of the Virtual camp experience!

There are great virtual science, physical fitness and karate camps that are doing REALLY well with enrollment.  One entrepreneur friend has over 50 campers doing virtual lessons in a week split up between 4 teachers!

Our Virtual cooking camp is much smaller and more personal, with about 7-12 students per week working with our Chef teacher.

Last week the theme was “American Classics” and I saw kids making a delicious Cobb Salad from scratch, Chocolate Pancakes, Veggies Mac and Cheese, Turkey burgers and more!

Upcoming weeks include: Cooking Around the World, Mexican Fiesta and Food Network Favorites.

Each week kids make 12 recipes a week (we just upped this from 11 to 12…because kids wanted to make 2 desserts a week instead of just one!)  This breaks down to 5 breakfast and 5 lunches and 2 desserts.

Special Offer for the Kids Can Cook Newsletter

If you buy a week of our cooking camp and try out 1 day of camp on Monday and it’s not a fit for any reason,, I’ll refund you for the rest of the 4 days of the week, no questions asked.  

I KNOW this camp is a special experience, where your kids will learn to cook amazing foods, study how restaurants work, explore culinary careers and have fun!  Plus they’ll eat veggies in new ways.

But you might be worried that your kid won’t like a 3 hour camp from 9am-12pm Mon-Fri.  So if you buy 1 week of camp for $190, and take 1 day and if it’s not a good fit, I’ll refund you for the remaining 4 days.  

Here’s Another Offer:

If you buy an additional week of camp, after the first, and are a subscriber to this newsletter, I will give you a partial refund.

Buy another week and save on additional weeks as noted below:
Buy 1 more week: $180 (save $10)
Buy 2 more weeks: $350 (save $30)
Buy 3 more weeks, $510 (save $60)

Just send a receipt with proof purchase to info@liftenrichment.com and an email to paypal you the difference.  

We had one parent who bought 4 weeks of camp! That’s his child making 12 recipes x 4 weeks = 48 recipes!

This offer is limited to just this newsletter, and will be over by next Sunday…so join today by clicking the link below at


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